To Brooklyn With Love

Isaiah 43:4
You are precious and honored in His sight little Brooklyn.


“If you wanted the sky
I would write across the sky in letters
That would soar a thousand feet high”
To Brooklyn, with love
Words can not begin to express the pure love and  joy that baby Brooklyn Marie has brought into our lives. She is that tiny little star that lights up sky of our hearts a thousand feet high!
Thank you Chad and Tracie for sharing with us your precious baby girl.

This week I made Brooklyn a fabric wreath using Burr Oak Acorns.


Oaks before my burst of creativity.


After I got busy painting…


To make this wreath follow these steps:


Collect the above items.


Cut fabric and yarn into strips. I already had these things. Blue fabric was an estate sale find. Few years ago I bought the organic yarn. Be Eco-Nigh! Use what you have and only buy what you really need.


Tie fabric into a knot on wire wreath.


Keep going!


This how it looks after doing one section.  To get that finished look at the end you just need to trim your fabric to your specifications.


For Brooklyn with Love.


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