On The Trails With Luci

Living is about finding space to breathe

To breathe freely is to live in a space of beauty and harmony.

This is Bridgeland and home to Cypress Creek Nature Trails. I took this picture as I stood on the bridge.


My good friend Luci who lives in Bridgeland invited me to walk the nature trails with her. Our ultimate goal besides enjoying the serenity of  God’s bounty was to locate plants to use for decorating her entryway for the Christmas holidays.

Luci will disagree but we had to have walked 8 miles or more!!! I was planning for 3 miles but regardless it was an amazing gift from God. Happy face.


Luci at the start of the trails.


Hidden creek and critter path.

Fruit baring foliage discovered on the nature trail.

We decided on making a holiday wreath for her front door. I gathered vines from the nature trail to create the base of the wreath. Let me say it again, I GATHERED VINES. It was a painfully thorny experience because this crafty gal forgot her gloves! Never   ever    again.

Luci was very happy with her FOUND bounty. I was happy for her but I felt battered, bruised and in dire need of a glass of wine.


As you can see, we twisted fresh cut vines into a circle. See how to example on my Branch of A Wreath post. We allowed wreath base to dry out for a few weeks. This is optional. We used fresh red berry foliage and throw away christmas tree trim to adorn our wreath base. Branches FOUND at WFM. Berry foliage FOUND on the nature trail.

Our total expense $2.49 for ribbon purchased at Michael’s. Amazing!

Truly God’s gift 2 give Home decor. Simple and fresh. I forgot to bring the pinecone I collected but they can be easily added later.


Please note that I add a little more color to our wreath by adding fake holly berries in addition to the fresh berry foliage. Wreath without added berries bottom left. This was not an added expense in that I already had berries in my Christmas decoration stash. Very eco-nigh.

We also made cranberry wreaths for our outdoor friends and decorated her hallway with our left over FOUND Christmas trim.


I think Luci was trail happy with our finished decorations.

Be blessed!



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