The Gift of Love


God’s love is a true gift that never tarnishes or grow old. His love is a true gift of love. I  was blessed at a young age to discover God’s pure unconditional love TWICE. My childhood experience of discovering God love for me was a bit overwhelming. I will never forget the first time I “got my religion” at Aunt Edith house. Aunt Edith in my memory was a diva. She was larger than life to me. From a child’s perspective everything appeared to be perfect about Aunt Edith and her house. She was well put together even in her house dress. Where she was loud, the house was quiet and not a thing out of place. I loved that because at my house folks were loud and rowdy but in a good way most of the time!

Aunt Edith took me to church and I got my religion and I got saved by a Big, Perfect and Awesome GOD. It was a quiet and lovely experience that lasted until I got back home and had to get saved AGAIN. My folks said I didn’t get it. It meaning the holy ghost and saved. Drama! How was I not saved? I really did love the Lord! Little old me was confused but determined so I got on the moaning bench and prayed Jesus into my heart shouted (holy ghost danced) up and down our clay dirt road singing and crying that I was so glad I got my religion and got saved as loud as I could. This was a big deal because I was a quiet child growing up. Into my own space as we would say today. Different. Well little Miss quiet danced before the Lord that day. You could have baptized me twenty times because once you know the Lord, savior of your soul, the Gifter of eternal life your heart knows no bounds. I use to think of this experience as a flaw but as an adult what a perfect gift to have received.

I encourage you to read your bible to gain wisdom and understanding. Meditate on His goodness to find beauty, peace and harmony in your world.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not  perish but have eternal life.

You are so loved,


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