The Gift of Deconstructed Jewelry : Creative Process

What’s old is always new to someone else! I really don’t wear a lot of jewelry. In fact my wedding ring is WHERE…..however I truly love making jewelry from reclaimed goods. This is my new favorite thing to create. I have plenty of broken or missing a match jewelry that’s waiting for me fix or hide in the bottom of my donation bag but some how finding objects and turning them into jewelry has turned me into the fix it queen. I have no idea what this thingamajig or that is called. I just know what I need for it to do. Folks at Michaels are probably hiding when they see me coming. Honestly!

My building blocks for creating jewelry and other fun items from reclaimed goods: belt buckles, money clips, paper, paint, vintage jewelry etc. Super fun! Check it out!


Gotta have plenty of tools. I use anything that works for what I need it to do.

See these finished products and more at La Lydia Boutique. Unique one of a kind pieces. Clean and simplistic creations.

Be Blessed,



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