La Lydia Home

Living is about finding space to breathe.


To breathe freely is to live in a space of beauty and harmony.

At La Lydia Home we take the simple and reveal the spectacular!

The mission of La Lydia Home is to create beauty and harmony in everyday living spaces. We help you de-clutter and decorate select spaces in a home by using mostly found, reclaimed, and repurposed materials. Additionally, we use only fresh plants and flowers that are found and/or purchased, which add oxygen and energy to your space.



La Lydia’s Pathway: How we do it

1. SNAP COLLAGE your living space – This is a walk through evaluation and photo of your space.

2. GIVE AWAY your living space – De-Clutter your space and give or store away items that sap the life from your space.

3. NATURE IN your living space – We help you create and decorate a living space that invites nature in to create beauty, harmony and balance.

Each service stands alone. Pick the service that best meet your needs.

Every consultation begins with a blessing of favor and peace to you and your living space.

Don’t be boxed in. We can Pathway all types of living spaces: your shop, entryway, bedroom, nooks, porches, etc.

To schedule your appointment please email us at


A place in your home to plug into beauty and harmony will help you to stay in touch with living your best life.

Breathe Easy!

Angela Harris-Cannizzo
Creator of La Lydia Home


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