Hi, I am Angela Harris Cannizzo owner of all things La Lydia! Where creating a lifestyle that promotes beauty and harmony through nature, garden gifts and eco-nigh living is my PASSION!


My desire to live in a space of beauty and harmony was developed from an early age. I was raised in the country and lived on a hill in a white Jim Walter house that overlooked a large valley and depending on the season grew corn, okra and peas. Across the valley on another hill lived my grandmother, better known as Madea and she raised chickens and other wildlife animals. It was a simple life full of country living and outdoor discovery. No trips to the mall, the movie theater or playing video games. Playtime was nature time and I loved it! Imagine eating off the land, chasing fireflies and sitting round a pot belly stove eating sweet potato pie. It’s those memories that helped me to become the creative gal I am today.

I pray that La Lydia’s blog, service and creative gifts will always be a blessing to you and our planet.